Bulk lots of items For Sale
Brand new in the box wallpaper:  22,000 rolls         Current price $7.49/roll                 $126,280
Retail value of lot:
11,000 x 7.49 = 82,390
11,000 x 3.99 = 43,890
Total for wallpaper =
22,000 rolls of high quality
prepasted vinyl-coated
About 75 combinations of
Imperial Brand packaged 24 single rolls to a
case in 12 double roll bolts
About 11,000 rolls of paper
About 11,000 rolls matching border
Link to ebay listing where it sells every day for $7.49/roll:
Brand new in the box food saver vacuum sealer:        4200 sealers      Current prce $14.95
Retail value of lot:
4200 x 14.95
Total for sealers=
4200 super-sealers
72 to a case
Link to ebay listing where it sells every day for $14.95/each
Check out these bulk
lots of multiple item
inventories that we
currently have !
Brand new in the box pewter-like sportsman keychains     1100 keychains        Current price $3.99   
Retail value of lot:
1100 x 3.99
Total for keychains=
1100 keychains
90-per display box ready to display
7 assorted varieties
Link to ebay listing where they sell for $3.99/ea
Brand new in the box asorted synthetic hair, braids and weaves      1400 boxes    Current price $4.99
Retail value of lot:
1400 x 4.99
Total for weaves =
1400 packages
Approx 40 assorted styles and colors
Link to ebay listing where they sell for $4.99/ea
Brand new with tags assorted WSOP World Series of Poker Clothing items  360 pieces
Retail value of
360 x 15.00 avg
Total for WSOP
T-shirts, polo shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, several assorted sizes & colors
Link to ebay listing where they sell for $9.99-25.00/ea
Brand new assorted themed aluminum lunch boxes     200 lunchboxes
Retail value of lot:
200 x 14.95
Total for lunchboxes =
200 lunchboxes with various sportsteams
Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey
Link to ebay listing where they sell for $14.95/ea
Brand new sports watches with batteries      750 watches   current price  $9.99
Retail value of lot:
750 x 9.99
Total for watches =
750 rubber sports watches with new batteries
Digital display, assorted colors
Link to ebay listing where they sell for $9.99/ea
New and used mens and womens shoes & boots.  700+ used,  80+ new,  800+ pairs
Retail value of lot:
80 x $15/pr avg new = 1200
700 x 7/pr avg used = 4900
Total for shoes =
Retail value of lot:
80 x $15/pr avg new = 1200
700 x 7/pr avg used = 4900
Total for shoes =
Over 80 pairs of new in the box womens dress
and casual shoes & boots, retail prices
between $49-$179 per pair, assorted sizes &
Approx 800 pairs of used contemporary and vintage
shoes in all sizes and styles. Many name brand and
valuable vintage shoes & boots like Doc Marten etc.
Mostly used womens purses/handbags  including major name brands   400+ bags
Retail value of lot:
400 x 5 avg = 2000
Name brands = 2000
Total for purses=

Hundreds of contemporary and
vintage purses and bags
Many major name brands, many
believed to be authentic, not
knockoffs, as these came from
personal storage units.
Chanel, Louis Vitton, YSL, Coach,
Fendi, Gucci, others
Classic and vintage LP vinyl records: 33/45/78 rpm  Including many unopened and signed albums
Approx 4500, mostly in excellent condition
Retail value of lot:
4500 x 5 avg = 22,500
Signed value:  ???
Total for records=

Signed albums if
authentic makes it worth
well over $100,000!
Records in every
category: rock, pop, disco,
r&b, classical, big band,
swing, orchestral, opera,
soundtrack, comedy,
specialty, public service
etc etc etc
Over 40 albums with signatures, presumably by
the artists. Appear to be authentic, although I
have not paid to have them verified. Several
major artists such as the Doors, Rolling
Stones, Simon & Garfunkel, Moody Blues,
Everly Brothers, Sophie Tucker, Aretha
Franklin, many others
Over 100 promotional copies or studio
demo's not for sale. Approx 50 sealed
unopened albums by major artists.  
Value of just these lots at sale prices:
Wallpaper:            126,280
Food Savers:        62,790
Vinyl LP records:  25,000-100,000
Watches:                7,492
Hair weaves:          6,986
CDs                         8,388
Shoes:                   6,100
WSOP clothes      5,400
Keychains:            4,389
Purses:                  4,000
Lunchboxes:          2,990

1200 CD's (more not pictured) currently sell for $6.99/each
Retail value of lot:
1200 x 6.99
Total for CDs =
1200 CDs in the boxes-all genres
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