About Our Business

We entered this business in 2008 out of necessity, due to the hardships created by the
worsening economy.  Since we have felt first-hand the severe and serious effects of a
shrinking income and a need to cut costs and expenses, we know the importance of being
able to meet needs and obtain necessities as economically as possible.

Our store is named THE STORAGE WAR STORE, after the A&E TV show, that depicts
groups of people buying delinquent and abandoned storage units at auctions. We started
buying storage units at auction long before that show and this is where the vast majority of our
inventory comes from. Although much of what is portrayed on that show is far from reality in
terms of the value of the contents, but if you have seen that show, you know the types of
treasures that can be found in some abandoned storage units. This is the store where people
that buy storage unit auctions sell the items that they have found.

We strive to provide good quality products for your home and every aspect of your life, at the
most reasonable price possible.  Come in and browse our very eclectic and diverse
assortment of great finds.
The Storage War Store
Aurora Thrift & Vintage
10033 E. Colfax Ave.  Aurora, CO  80010
Phone        303-257-8000
Fax            720-596-5555